man I am the worst princess

:| I’m a frillish ghost

I feel so pretty. C:

I got a mustache. I’m best princess.

Can I join the pretty, pretty not-princess club yet? (Boring design is boring because I so would not be a princess. I would be a background character.)


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    Create yourself as a Disney Princess
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    I don’t know what I made, but I like it. //strollin through Sofi’s tags, found a fin.
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    I’m here to kick butt and take names in armor and a cute flowy skirt!!!
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    Princess Turquoisehairfancybreeches reporting for duty
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    look at what a qt i am wow aww
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    I can’t believe I’m the only one (in this thread anyway) who’s gone mermaid
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    Oh god you guys enabled me. I love these things but gosh, am I traditional lol
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    Look at her hair its marvelous.
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    fuck legs, tentacles is where its at
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