Hello friends I’d like you to meet my tablet. This is my Wacom Graphire (Silver) CTE 640 and I have had it since junior year of high school. So for about 6 years.  In the first 2 years I owned it the eraser end got pressed into the pen and in the process of fixing that the nib became impossible to replace but still a usable stylus!

Last year I replaced it with a monoprice and my wacom got to retire and hang on my wall in case I needed it. Which, after a year of owning the monoprice, I did as the monoprice has slowly failed and is defunct.

So I’ve been using this tired Wacom to draw/paint/Make comics like ROTD. While the tablet is just slightly scuffed up from years of use the pen is on its last legs. It’s getting harder and harder to draw with. It needs to be replaced.

I have no means of income besides art commissions and fewer and fewer people have bought those from me the past few months. I would buy a replacement pen but not only are they hard to find but they cost 70$+ and for that price I would be better off buying a new fully functional tablet with a removable cord to avoid wire fraying (which is an issue for me as I am a MOBILE artist)

Long story short I need a new tablet.

I have NO IDEA how long my tablet pen is going to survive. I would really appreciate any sort of commissions/donations so that I can continue to make digital art without having to worry about being without a tablet. I totally understand I’m pleading to people who probably barely have enough funds to cover their own supplies but I would really appreciate any sort of signal boost.

My gallery on DA

My Email is KichiStrauss@Yahoo.com

Thank you.

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    BOOST man, i love your works
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